The model solar challenge information is found here

Go to the official site for dates and rules

At school we will be entering the model solar boat challenge.

Model Solar Boats

10-12-2012 - New Video - Read more
20-10-2012 - 2012 Metro Junior Boat Results - Read more

Things we need to decide

  • Meeting times:
  • Do I have to be part of a team?
  • When do we have the race off to choose our school representatives?

Final details

Important Dates

Race Dates:
  • 3rd September 2013
    Pursuit Event, Melbourne Museum
  • 19th October 2013
    Main competition ScienceWorks
  • 20th October 2013
    Main competition ScienceWorks
Paperwork Dates:
  • 2nd September 2013
    School registration due
  • 16th September 2013
    Team registration due

Here is a picture of one entrant
Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 11.53.35 AM.png