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pd day

Innovative resources getting to know you activity for yr 7
which fish are you and why.

Mental health workplace forst aid .. course 2 day course that you can do with her and become an accredited mental health first aided at you school

prof support important but secondary aspects will assist.

anxious bird products .. story book,

person centreed ..Great range of differences. And preferences,

looking up up or modelling .. called peer support.
eustress...positive , burst of energy.. adrenalin, can boost daily challenges, warnings flight or fight. Within our Coping abilities are proved when stress is overcome.

Super chicken and cartoon

peer support.. experiential coach... this has happened to me .. I looked for.. I used... I coped by...

Johari windows communication

window pain but the axis moves depending on the trust and engagement

open , blind
hidden, potential

on first meeting develop a n increase in the open section from tiny to bigger... moves to the hidden area, lets kids tell their personal .

Distress or negative stress.. an inability to study or complete a task...increase in anger,,
its perceived at outside the coping ability

Triggers .cold call
friendship / family. breakdowns
sick parent or animal
Hormonal changes

1/4 youth will experience mental illness in every year

processing stress
the way we see it ( half full or half empty)
Telling stories about stress .. depersonalise it bun talking about on the farm.
Fabels with underlying messages.

Stress supports at school
cir cle time
flexible .. music baroque, go outside sounds of nature
exercise . Go for a long walk ...horizon walking

exercises to control mind and assist you to control stress.

Ways to reduce your stress
walk, talk
paper ..list
silence .. just sitting with another person
play board games
read. Movies,
anything that makes your cells sing ... lost in the moment
social stories, schedule,,visual diary.
this to will pass ....acceptance... never forget be selective to forgive Gw c

Fear is the central element to manage it you have to face the fear.

Physical heart, constriction, chest pains, numb fingers, jelly legs stomach aches diahorre a etc
confused, hot and cold flushes,

What is a mental illness
anxiety disorder takes over.
diagnosable condition.. not a choice a series of clinical symptoms that put you in that box
takes the isolation away and hence no need to blame yourself.
chemical changes, MRI physical changes,
thoughts, emotions,and behaviour that shoup
physical responses

which happens first?
thoughts.. no. 60,000 per 24hr

social phobia.... anxiety disorder.... need to take baby steps........embarrassed as to what others think of them, fear of speaking in front of others,,,
i will never ask you a question unless I am standing in front of you and I think you will know for the answer.

9. 11 after this many watched it on news and now have PSTD because now they feel their lives are threatened .... so even watching it on TV can lead to diagnosis.

acceptance commitment therapy
We need to accept we will have S thoughts
our thoughts are no us
detach from the thoughts

book and app the happiness trap... to explain how to do the acceptance therapy

Validation...nonjudgnemental ..allow them to be vulnerable. In your can't always fix the anxiety disorder...sit in the pain ..not trying to fix it.

just being present .."this is tough see you are frightened."

don ritchie guardian gap angel. Bought a home opposite the gap. Don talked to jumpers and talked them down. Talked down 400 jumpers,

i hear you
sorry to hear that
that must be hard

lifeline numbers behind toilet doors,, kidslifeline. Headspace online counselling

app reach Woorytime..everyday to type out their worries

Breathe app


Relaxing music for students on YouTube see

Big message what can kids do and get lost in
And let's them get the job done

Some useful animations for bio and biochemistry

Below is a a link back to the lynne clarkson bio site

Mr Barlows site
This page contains some resources for students studying VCE Biology.
Download the ‘Unit 1 Biology‘, ‘Unit 2 Biology‘, ‘Unit 3 Biology‘ or ‘Unit 4 Biology‘ iPhone/iPod Touch app by clicking their icon:
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external image unit3-biol-icon140x140.png?w=450 external image unit-4-biology-app-icon.png?w=140&h=140
Each app contains:
– A series of podcasts covering the entire unit.

– A Unit summary document; so you can read and revise the important biological concepts on the go.

– A flash card revision tool containing over 50 important concepts in each app.

– A help menu to ensure you get the most out of the app experience.

– The latest news in Biology and general Science.

– An ever-increasing collection of Biology and Science songs.
And don’t forget to subscribe to my VCE Biology Podcast:

Each episode covers a discreet topic and lasts for between 5 and 20 minutes. Great to listen to a few episodes before a test and concise enough to listen to an entire semester before an exam.
  • Episode 1 to 12 covers Unit 1.
  • Episode 13 to 23 covers Unit 2.
  • Episode 24 to 31 covers Unit 3.
  • Episode 32 to 39 covers Unit 4.
If you would rather download each episode individually go HERE.
If you liked the podcasts, have a listen to this song I made about cells, this one about enzymes or this song about plant tropisms.
Here are a few websites that are useful:
Best of luck with your Biology learning!